Thermal Analysis & Powder Characterization
Freeman Technologies -
Model FT4 Powder Rheometer
-   Particle Size Distribution
      > 0.024m to 2,816m   

-   Phase Change & Heat Flow Measurements
      to 725°C

-   Decomposition Temp., Weight Loss, Curie
      Point to 900°C

-     Powder Characterization
      >  Flow, Aeration, Shear Cell and Permeability

-   Tap Density
       > USP I and II Methods
       > Carr Compressibility Index
       >  Hausner Ratio        
Microtrac -  Model No. S3500 Particle
Size Analyzer
TA Instruments - Model Q10
Differential Scanning Calorimeter
PharmaAlliance - Model TD-12 Tap
Density System