The ENSER Corporation is a subcontractor to the Department of Defense and major U.S.
Aerospace and Defense companies.  ENSER designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures
high reliability thermal batteries for a wide range of tactical and strategic military
applications (examples depicted at right) where “no-doubt” mission assurance capability is
of paramount importance.  

Comprehensive environmental (under both operating and non-operating conditions) and non-
destructive tests - prerequisites to successful product development and certification - are
routinely performed throughout the product development cycle.  To support this core
business activity, ENSER has assembled a full range of environmental, thermal, electrical,
non-destructive and specialty testing services required to evaluate product performance
under the most demanding dynamic and climatic conditions.  Our highly experienced test
services group is now available to support virtually all of your requirements.  Contact us and
learn more about how we can provide your product development team with the specialized
test services they need.

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ENSER is certified to both ISO-9001:2000 and AS-9100:2004 Standards.
Environmental Test & Analysis Services:

     Dynamic Environmental Testing:
    >   Vibration
    >   Shock
    >   Air Gun (high-g)
    >   Acceleration
    >   Fixture Design & Fabrication

      Climatic Testing:
    >   Thermal Shock
    >   Thermal Cycling
    >   Combined Temperature & Humidity
    >   Combined Temperature & Altitude
    >   Combined Temperature & Vibration
ENSER Specialized Testing Services

     Non-Destructive (Non-D) Services:
    >    Micro-Focus X-Ray Imaging
    >    Helium Leak Rate Determination

     Specialized Test Services:
    >    Differential Scanning Calorimetry
    >    Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
    >    Bomb Calorimetry
    >    Powder Rheometry / Shear Cell /Tap Density
    >    Particle Size Distribution
    >    Testing Under Active Environments
    >    Test Procedure Development and Documentation